05 March 2020

ब्लॉगर ब्लॉग में किसी विजेट्स कैसे हटायें?

Numerous multiple times you may find that you need to expel gadget structure blogger yet there is no such a choice to evacuate it. Around then you are compellingly required it in to your blog. By and large it is default set it you your blogger format whether it is legitimate layout or outsider format. It is conceivable to expel such a device, Here is a post that will direct you how you can evacuate your Locked gadget? You are remunerated to change traits of your blogger gadget id right now are likewise going to figure out how to discover blogger gadget id as well. So here scarcely any least difficult advances you are required to follow bit by bit.

Chapter by chapter list

Step by step instructions to Find Blogger Widget Id.

Step by step instructions to evacuate bolted gadget structure blogger

Step by step instructions to erase blogger account

Step by step instructions to Find Blogger Widget Id.

Stage 1: Login in to your blogger account. Snap here.

Stage 2: Click on “design” button from drop down manu of blogger dashboard.

Stage 3: Click on “Alter” catch of your contraption that you need to Remove.

Stage 4: One popup will show up in which from URL, you will have the option to discover device id, For instance observe following screen capture for more data.

Here in our example Suppose our widget id is HTML3. The code formation is blogger template something like where “HTML3” represents your widget id number. in our example HTML3 which required to find in blogger template.

How to remove locked widget form blogger

Step 1: backup your template. ( How to backup your blogger template? )

Step 2: Now select Template > Edit HTML > Proceed button.

Step 3: Check ( Tick) on “Expand Widget Templates”

Step 4: Find your widget id by pressing (Ctrl+F). In my case It will something look like


‘ locked=’true‘ title=’Title Of Your Gadget‘ type=’HTML’>

Step 5: Green Highlighted “True” Value you are required to change to “False” so in our example our code will be.


‘ locked=’False‘ title=’Title Of Your Gadget‘ type=’HTML’>

Step 5: Now Save your template.
Step 6:  Now Click on “Layout > Edit” button of your gadget that you want to Remove. You will find that Remove option is available so now you will be able to delete widget cheer How to install Google optimize in Blogger?

How to delete blogger account 
Stage 1: Login to your blog and In the upper left, click the Down bolt Down Arrow.

Stage 2: Click on settings

Stage 3: Under Setting Click on Other

Stage 4: Confirm Deletion of Blogger blog

Step 1: Login to your blog and In the top left, click the Down arrow .


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